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Starting a home or small business is an often exciting but nervous experience - so many new things to learn (and master) in order for you even get started. 

On top of all that, you have to get a web site of your own so you can attracting customers - and an income.  So why not use DHPML pages to start you off on the right foot?

What are DHPML Pages?

DHPML are basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language) pages - fully editable by YOU - that are specifically designed to support home and small business. 

Each pack includes:

  • A Homepage - your business’s most important piece of digital branding
  • an ‘About Us’ page - so you can let other know more about you
  • A ‘Contact Us’ - Where your visitors can ‘opt-in’ and contact you
  • A ‘Privacy’ page’ - Where you explain to your visitors how you will manage their information

Why do I need FOUR pages, let alone these ones?

DHPML pages give you the essential pages required to provide your business with a legitimate presence on the web.  It’s all about building trust between you and your visitor - and in improving your status as a legitimate entity to major search engines. 

While many home and small businesses have only single web pages (or squeeze pages) - which often look the same - DHPML pages will give your business an opportunity to show how you are different. 

After all, your business is about making a personal connection between you and them, right? Plus with those added, important, pages your website will have more content for the search engines find. 

How do I get started?

All DHPML pages are hosted and supported on DHP servers.  Included in your one-off starter cost is:
  • Domain creation/transfer management
  • Assembly of your pages - to your selected template, design and colour scheme
  • 2 email accounts and setup
  • Content creation - you provide us your content and pictures we’ll put ‘em in
  • Completed site publication
  • 3 Minor change requests (to content) per month

How much?

DHPML Pages are a one-off cost payable at project initiation.  You must then purchase hosting.

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Sample Template Styles

Choose from these template style types, select from a range of design options, add your own images and content.

In no time you'll have a customised website of your own.

Silver Streak Template

Grey backgrounds with 'subdued' hues and colour scheme

White Knight Template

Classic white background with bright colour schemes

Nightworx Template

Black background and high contrast headers and colours.