DHPro CMS - Take Control of Your Online Business

Ready to take Control?

DHPro CMS allows you the freedom to control your own content.  With DHPro you can personally make unlimited edits, add new pages and mange your website from anywhere you have internet access.

What is DHPro CMS?

DHPro CMS (short for Content Management System) is our entry level system that gives the control of your site back to you!

Each DHPro package includes:

  • A solid Open Source CMS Platform customised by DHP
  • Database-driven system so you can add pages and content as you require
  • Opt-in Contact Form
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • RSS Feed
  • Front-end Editor Access
  • Google Analytics Code Insertion
  • Your Own Design Template

Why do I need a CMS?

  • If you’ve been frustrated by the long wait of getting your pages changed by your web company - even for a single word change
  • If you’ve wish you could build a page to suit a particular keyword or niche you are after
  • If you’re ready to take control of your website - to edit and add pages and content

Then you already know why you need to change to a CMS!

The Benefits of DHPro CMS?

  • The ability to update and change your content anytime using a web browser
  • Your site’s content will be displaying using current web standards. This increases accessibility and makes your content more “future proof”
  • The CMS has built-in search capability
  • Your site has a unique look that is consistent across all pages (for improved usability)
  • You can modify, add and delete pages using the built-in browser based editor
  • Adding, deleting or moving a page does not affect any other page
  • When individual pages are added, moved or deleted the page navigation menu links are automatically adjusted on all pages of your site.
  • Website design changes are instantly updated on all website pages. This encourages minor problems to be fixed rather than “lived with”.

How do I get started?

All DHPro CMS website are hosted and supported on DHP servers.  Included in your one-off starter cost is:
  • Domain creation/transfer management
  • Assembly of your pages - to your selected template, design and colour scheme
  • 3 email accounts and setup
  • Content creation - you provide us your content and pictures we’ll put ‘em in
  • Completed site publication

How much?

DHPro CMS Websites are are a one-off cost payable at project initiation.  You must then purchase hosting.

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Sample Template Styles

Choose from these template style types, select from a range of design options, add your own images and content.

In no time you'll have a customised website of your own.

Silver Streak Template

Grey backgrounds with 'subdued' hues and colour scheme

White Knight Template

Classic white background with bright colour schemes

Nightworx Template

Black background and high contrast headers and colours.